Spring is in bloom…well, at least it is somewhere!  Spring flowers are being shipped all over the world, letting people know that Spring is finally on it’s way.  Warm up that gloomy day with a bright pink gerbera daisy and green Bells of Ireland, or maybe some pastel tulips or purple iris.  Spring will come soon, and while we’re waiting, why not enjoy it indoors?

 We are proud to announce the winner of “The Name Game” for the re-launching of our Floral Design Business.  The winner will receive a $100 arrangement for Mother’s Day or other special occasion.


And the winner is…


Snapdragon Studio

Event and Floral Design Co.


Submitted by Mary Gillette


Congratulations Mary!  We had an overwhelming number of names submitted, and to thank each of you for your willingness to help, we would like to offer a 10% discount for any future event booked with us.  Thank you so much!


As much is required in the change of a name, there will be a transition period before the new name is adopted.  Please continue to refer to The Potted Pansy for all questions, orders, and information until further notice.


We are excited to announce that we are Re-launching our floral design business & looking for a new name.  Win a $100 arrangement for Mother’s Day or other occasion by submitting the winning name. Submit names to pottedpansy@hotmail.com by 5:00 pm on Monday, March 9.


Read more about our image and vision:


We know that more than just a simple flower shop is needed to make your event spectacular. That is why we are creating a floral design company using artistry, design, and attention to detail, enabling us to focus on creativity and clients to provide the utmost event experience available.


We believe that nothing can create an atmosphere full of tactile color, contrast, and ambiance like flowers. With backgrounds in both interior and floral design, we know that the proper use of space is critical in every setting. Our services will vary from a sole arrangement to complete event design. The idea/image is a customized, elegant design studio where designer, owner, client, and friend work together as partners to CREATE something stunning and captivating.






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